Katy 1895 FC - Youth Academies Coming in the Near Future

Stay Tuned

We will announce the official launch of the Youth Academies at a later date. Pay attention to our social media (twitter: @Katy1895FC) for updates. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide positive, high quality soccer opportunities at all levels of play. We want to serve our  youth and their families and to become a valuable community partner. 

Player Development Pathway

The aim of Katy FC player development is to prepare each player to reach their true potential by undertaking a long term view of player development to ensure our individual players, teams, and club will enjoy sustained success.

Growth of the Game

We will work with our young players to learn the significance of manipulating the ball at an early age. Too often in today’s game you hear coaches yell at players to kick the ball away as soon as they get it. Especially when it comes to lower performers. This mentality needs to change if we are to catch up with the world in our technical ability.